Springville, Indiana
The purpose of the Community Heritage Program is to enhance the ongoing community building efforts in smaller communities in Lawrence County.

The program was build on grassroots efforts, encouraging cooperation and building on existing volunteer basis in the communities.

By partnering with the Lawrence County Community Foundation each community will begin to develop an ability to identify, fund and implement improvement projects in their immediate area.

Some projects that have already received funding due to the LCCF endowment:

  • Blighted property turned into Park
  • Lights for Springville Park
  • Equipment for Perry Township EMS

Park Property - Before
Park Property *Before*

Another Before PhotoAnother *Before* Photo

Park Property - AfterSpringville Park *After*

A Vision for the Community
The Springville Heritage Program encourages volunteers in the community to *vision* about how life in the Springville area can be improved. Local Springville residents created the following list of *visions* for Springville with members of the Lawrence County Community Foundation.

  • Double Shelter House
  • Lighting Baseball Field
  • Restrooms for Park
  • Increase Park Areas
  • Fill Dirt for Pulling Area

Give where you live!
Printable Springville Heritage Donation Form

Sustaining the Vision
There is a way to sustain community projects and programs in the Springville area, forever. A permanent field of interest fund established through the Lawrence County Community has served local initiatives. Each year, with assistance of a community advisory group comprised of Springville residents, grant recommendations are made in support of local projects. The involvement of this local advisory group is important in identifying the changing and emerging needs of the Springville community.

Community Heritage Program

For more information about donations and the Foundation, visit this site:
Lawrence County Community Foundation