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  1. Mona Gould

    This is always such a good race! Thank you for all of your efforts to put the 5K together.

  2. harvey hendershot

    looking for pic.of my 64 comet at the car show harvey hendershot

  3. Tatiana Ritter

    Hello, I’m looking for 5k Run results from the 2007 and 2008 Springville Heritage Festivals. Can you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  4. Jayme (Spoonmore) Banks

    Dr. Armstrong,
    I have enjoyed reading these posts. I’m working on a unit for my third graders at Springville Elementary on the History of Springville, IN.
    I went to Springville Methodist Church when I was young. I remember Mae Tucker. She always kissed me too! I’m 31 and I went to Springville Methodist from birth to about 10 years old. I also remember Becham and I think I remember Aldice. I also remember Vernie Armstrong being in the church, but I can’t remember much about her. I’m very interested in your stories. Thank you for writing them.
    Jayme (Spoonmore) Banks

  5. admin

    I have added a printable photo image of the entry form for those who do not have MS Word.

  6. E. Whitney Drake

    This is very interesting. I am a friend of Jack’s, and his story is so different from mine, though we end up as neighbors. I grew up in suburban Boston. I can see why he has such rich memories. I should add that my Mom was a good cook, and like my Dad, i am Not (thank heaven my Wife is).

  7. Carol A.

    My Dad has always been such an inspiration–his love of the land, work ethic, commitment to public service, loyalty to one and all, and joy in everyday living has influenced me, my siblings (and many of my friends!) in countless ways. We are grateful that he continues to explore new ways of finding meaning and happiness in life–I hope you will enjoy his story as much as we have…Go Pappa Go! Much love, Carol

  8. Carey

    This book is a treasure to read, not just for our family, but for all of the information and memories about Springville back in the day.

  9. Kim

    What a wonderful legacy to pass on to your children and grandchildren…a story of family, friends, community and love. These are memories that will be shared and treasured from one Armstrong generation to the next. You are a gift to us all. I love you Dad.

  10. admin

    My fault, the form is correct, June 13th. The calendar was wrong, I have corrected it now.

  11. Nina Webb

    I am a bit confused. I printed out your entry form for the golf scramble, my husband and I got a team together for last year’s scramble.
    The entry form says the date of the scramble is June 13. But your community calender says the date of the scramble is June 20th. Which one is the correct date? Thank you

  12. Treva

    I have a book on the people of Lowder Cemetery as well as Springville Christian, Springville West (Methodist) and Oak Grove, I also have most of the information on the other cemeteries located in Perry Township.

  13. M Jones

    We saw an eagle fly over my mother-in-laws house on Easter Day, 2009. Spencer Pike Road

  14. tammy

    I will ask the talented chefs and find out if they are willing to give out the recipe? Stay tuned.. o:)

  15. admin

    Congratulations! Is there any chance that a recipe will be posted?? Or is it a secret?