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Playground Equipment Update

Taken from: The Springville Buzz – Nov. Edition

The Springville Community Heritage Group entered into a Challenge Grant with the Lawrence County Community Foundation in an effort to fund new playground equipment for the Springville Park. The challenge was a 2:1 grant. If we raised $1,000, we would receive $2,000 from the foundation. The deadline for fund-raising was December 1, 2016.

Thanks to the generosity of the foundation, they chose to award us with $3,000 total. Between what was raised through donations and selling pumpkins, we were able to raise approximately $800. Giving us $3,800 to use towards the playground.

Money wasn’t all it took to get this goal accomplished. There were many neighbors who donated their time and talents to the cause. The old equipment was removed and there is now a nice new playground structure for all of the children of Springville to enjoy. There is one more piece on order and playground grade mulch still to come. The project is expected to be completed very soon. If you haven’t been to the park since it received this face-lift, please consider taking your children/grandchildren out to enjoy it while the weather is nice.

Favorite Firefighter Donation Challenge

2009 Firefighter Challenge

To help raise funds for the Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department — we are challenging each firefighter to raise donations.

The Highest $ Raising Firefighter will have the privilege of holding bragging rights for a year, a trophy and being escorted in the parade.

If you have a Favorite Firefighter be sure to make a donation payable to the Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department in their name to help them earn this prestigious award!