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Springville Gym Restoration

To: The Citizens of Springville and Perry Township
April 13, 2017

We, the Gym Restoration Board (GRB), know there are many questions about the fate of the gym and if we can restore it. It was our intention to hold a public meeting to answer your questions. Turns out, this is going to be a long and drawn out process and to be honest, we don’t have a lot of answers at this point. But we can update you on what we are doing.
We have approximately $80,000.00 from insurance, fundraisers, and gym savings account. That amount is a drop in the bucket to the funds needed to restore the gym. Steve Ferguson has provided and paid for engineers to help us with this project. We want to thank Mr. Ferguson for his generosity and willingness to help our community. We have had two meetings, one with Lori Daniels, who is the Community Liaison for Southwest Indiana District, Office of Community and Rural Affairs. Lori was very helpful in helping us identify possible sources of assistance through the State of Indiana.
We also had a meeting April 12th with SIDC ( Southern Indiana Development Commission ) to go over the plans and see what Federal Grants might be available. SIDC is going to research what might work for us and get back with us.
Please understand, there are no guarantees we will be able to restore the gym but we will make this promise; We, the Gym Restoration Board, will do our best to get Our beloved Gym restored!
We will provide more information when available.

Ken Thompson, Chairman
Mark Baker, Vice Chairman
Marilyn Kimmel, Secretary / Township Board Member
Bob Phillips, Township Trustee
Denny Godsey, Township Board Member
Doug Kelley, Township Board Member
Jack Armstrong, Springville Resident

**Taken from the April Edition of The Springville Buzz

Silent Auction

It’s that time of year again when we are trying to raise funds for the Springville Volunteer Fire Dept.

During the Springville Heritage Festival – June 18, 19 and 20, Ettamae (my sister) and I are hosting another silent auction and want to know if you would be kind enough to donate an item or service for this awesome cause?

Any item would be wonderful and much appreciated….please just send me an email and we will pick up at your location. We ask that you provide some business cards and/or pamphlets so we can display them with your items.

Last year – Ettamae and I raised over $1800.00

Thanks for your consideration…
Tammy Holland

Favorite Firefighter Donation Challenge

2009 Firefighter Challenge

To help raise funds for the Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department — we are challenging each firefighter to raise donations.

The Highest $ Raising Firefighter will have the privilege of holding bragging rights for a year, a trophy and being escorted in the parade.

If you have a Favorite Firefighter be sure to make a donation payable to the Perry Township Volunteer Fire Department in their name to help them earn this prestigious award!