Springville Heritage Festival

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Make your beds!

Bed Race Rules

We all hate them but we have to have them…


Bed Design

Beds must measure at least 3 feet by 6 feet, but no more than six feet by eight feet – handles included

Beds must be designed with four functional wheels making contact with the road surface at all times.

No motors or mechanical assistance is allowed, especially nitrous or rocket systems!

All beds will be inspected prior to racing for safety and / or mechanical issues.

Racing Teams

All teams shall consist of one rider, and four runners / pushers or less.

Racers under the age of 18 years or younger must have parents written permission to participate.



All bed racers MUST sign the waiver of liability and acknowledgement of the bed race rules and regulations before participating in the race.

Theme or costume attire is strongly encouraged; however, you must be attired!

All runners / pushers should wear athletic shoes suitable for street running.


During the Race

Bed riders must sit or lay flat on the bed.

All runners / pushers must be in control of their bed until it comes to a complete stop.

Teams should not interfere or impede the progress of an opposing team.



Awards will be given to the teams with the fastest times.  All team times will be combined and a trophy (and bragging rights) will be given to the overall fastest teams in three categories:

Additional Awards will also be given for the following:

* Golden Spirit Award- Best Bed Design

* Most Outrageous Bed

* Broken Spring Award, AKA “What were you thinking award”

* People’s Choice Award