Taken from The Bedford Mail, February 12, 1892……

 Lawrence County has proved herself rich in the most valuable stone from which she is known the world over.  Not withstanding her inexhaustible supply of the finest Oolitic Limestone in the world, a yet more valuable stone is discovered in the western hills.  On the farm of F. B. Sutherland, in Perry Township, two miles west of Springville, in a cave whose extent is not known now, and perhaps never will be, and which until recently, has never been explored, but is of remarkable peculiar geological formation, is discovered a ledge of what is pronounced by a Chicago expert who visited this cave to be the finest quality of lithographic stone.   The entire length is 1,200 yards and the thickness is ten feet.  Its extent into the hill is yet to be determined.  The stone is one mile from the railroad, which can be extended to it at a minimum of cost.

It is known that all lithographic stone used in this country is imported from Germany at enormous expense.  This is certainly a fortune in the hands of Mr. Sutherland.

*Article taken from Jay Wilson, JR. book  “SPRINGVILLE, INDIANA  VILLAGE ON SPRING CREEK”